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Wed Sep 10 11:50:00 PDT 2008


You will find in a attachment, a po file, my first version of the french 
translation, it's not complete for the moment due to the numerous 
messages in pot original file (the pot file was generated via this 
sources :
To check the translation, i have hardcoded the LOCALEDIR variable and 
remove the macro which activated by autotools script because in my 
computer the autotools script can not determine my installation of 
gettext package (linux debian).
Else, i'm interested to begin a tasm parser but i dunno how to begin ?
I have used tasm in the past. I'm remember tasm have two modes : Masm 
compatible mode and tasm ideal mode. This two modes have some 
specificities : like HLA language (thanks to him you can express 
conditionnal test, loop, etc and the tool translate in assembler opcode 
the operation).


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