Nasm preprocessor - again

Peter Johnson peter at
Sun Sep 17 10:16:15 PDT 2006

On Sun, 17 Sep 2006, anonymous coward wrote:

>> [NASM PP vs YAPP]
> Fwiw, attached find the part of the NASM64 user
> manual that describes the NASM64 preprocessor.
> As for the problem in question -- it's a result
> of the traditional NASM preprocessor not doing
> mmac nesting properly in do_directive(). To fix
> it, one needs something like this...
> Enjoy.

Thanks!  This did indeed fix this issue.  I've committed your fix and 
Mathieu's test case in r1619.

Looking at the NASM64 preprocessor user manual, it looks like you've added 
a lot of useful and interesting features!  Can you share any other 
improvements to the preprocessor?  I'm very interested in further 
improving Yasm's embedded version.


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