#62: Yasm code segfaults, where nasm code works fine ?

Peter Johnson peter at tortall.net
Mon Dec 19 10:46:36 PST 2005

> Problem is that everything links with our c-sources but my program
> presents a nice
> segfault as soon as it starts running the assembler parts. It segfaults on
> a line like
> "and cx, 0xfffff000" and that's not really something that should segfault
> at all.

What version of yasm are you using?  If you're not using the latest 
snapshot, please try again with it.  There's a number of bugs in 0.4.0. 
Also, what object format are you targetting?  ELF?

If you're already using the latest version, send me the source; if 
anything it sounds like a relocation generation issue.


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