%ifidn __YASM_OBJFMT__ doesnt work ?

Mike Frysinger vapier at gentoo.org
Thu Dec 15 20:29:31 PST 2005

On Thursday 15 December 2005 23:06, Vikas Kumar wrote:
> I copied your exact test.asm and did exactly what u have done "yasm -f
> elf -e test.asm" and it worked for me. Please try with the latest
> version of yasm. I am using revision 1324.

seems i was a bit hasty ... -e works with svn 1324, but it doesnt seem to 
actually write out the stuff in between

$ cat test.asm
%ifidn __YASM_OBJFMT__,elf
SECTION .booga progbits
$ ./yasm -f elf test.asm -e
%line 2+1 test.asm
[section .booga progbits]
$ ./yasm -f elf test.asm -o test.o
$ readelf -S test.o | grep booga

$ cat test2.asm
SECTION .booga progbits
$ ./yasm -f elf test2.asm -o test.o
%line 2+1 test.asm
[section .booga progbits]
$ ./yasm -f elf test2.asm -o test2.o
$ readelf -S test2.o | grep booga
[ 5] .booga            PROGBITS        00000000 000040 000000 00   A  0   0  1

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