Problems in latest YASM snapshot

Catalin Ionescu catalin.ionescu at
Fri Dec 2 04:13:34 PST 2005


I'm a long time NASM user and I decided to move to YASM in order to be
able to support 64-bit processors in the not so distant future. So I
started to move my source files one by one and immediately found some

1) "section" directive for Win32 output format has a bug causing an
exception. The lack of documentation made me look into the source files
to determine the exact format and tried the following three possibilities:

  - section .text execute read align 16
  - section .text execute read align16
  - section .text execute read align=16

The first one crashes the assembler. The second one is properly signaled
as error. The third one warns me that the flags I've just specified are
ignored as the section is re-declared - and that is surely not the case!

2) Relative jumps byte offsets are written 0 in the listing file, though
they are correct in the object file. I have no situation with dword
offsets and thus I can't tell if that one is working properly.

3) When accessing local procedure variables on the stack I use
EBP+offset code generated by a special macro. For every line where I
access variables on the stack (arguments and/or local variables) I get
the following warning:

"rc_rtl.nas:52: warning: invalid displacement size; fixed"

The generated code is correct, but with some source files I get 1000+

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