svn commit: r1464 - in trunk/yasm: .

peter at peter at
Wed Apr 5 00:14:42 PDT 2006

Author: peter
Date: Wed Apr  5 00:14:41 2006
New Revision: 1464

   trunk/yasm/modules/preprocs/nasm/genversion.c   (contents, props changed)

Implement better versioning.  From now on, trunk's version will be the
current major and minor version but with subminor version = 99.  All releases
and snapshots will have a build version of the current svn version.  Version
information is put into predefined macros in the NASM preproc:
__YASM_VER__ does not have the build version as part of the string, and
__YASM_VERSION_ID__ does not incorporate the build version.
If the build version is "HEAD" (or other non-numeric), __YASM_BUILD__ is
set to 0.

* Set version to 0.4.99.HEAD for trunk.
* genversion.c: Generate version.mac for the NASM preproc version macros.
* Hook into build.

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