cvs commit: yasm/libyasm bytecode.c expr.c intnum.c intnum.h yasm/modules/optimizers/basic basic-optimizer.c

Peter Johnson peter at
Mon May 26 12:16:45 PDT 2003

peter       2003/05/26 19:16:44 GMT

  YASM CVS Repository

  Modified files:
    libyasm              expr.c bytecode.c intnum.c intnum.h 
    modules/optimizers/basic basic-optimizer.c 
  Add lindex parameter to yasm_intnum_calc(), and add error messages for SEG,
  WRT, and ':' (SEGOFF) usage.  This change also brings the yasm_intnum_calc()
  interface in line with the yasm_floatnum_calc() interface.
  Note: This may not be the final place we want these error messages to reside,
  but the lindex addition should remain for the sake of consistency.
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.96      +3 -3      yasm/libyasm/bytecode.c
  1.66      +4 -3      yasm/libyasm/expr.c
  1.27      +12 -2     yasm/libyasm/intnum.c
  1.17      +4 -2      yasm/libyasm/intnum.h
  1.35      +4 -3      yasm/modules/optimizers/basic/basic-optimizer.c

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