[yasm-announce] ANNC: Yasm 1.2.0

Peter Johnson peter at tortall.net
Mon Oct 31 00:57:23 PDT 2011

I'm pleased to announce the availability of Yasm 1.2.0.  This is primarily 
a bugfix release, but also adds the most recent Intel AVX2 instructions 
described in rev 11 of the AVX spec.

Changes from 1.1.0 to 1.2.0 are:
   - Add AVX2 instructions (rev 11 of Intel AVX reference) (#227).
   - Allow 64-bit LFS/LGS/LSS.
   - Improve LAR instruction support (#224).
   - Default win64 .xdata to nobase, add support for "..imagebase" (#135).
   - Fix "TIMES" relocation handling.
   - Fix no-suffix push and pop in GAS mode (#212).
   - See the bug tracker for the full list of bug fixes.

Note that the Yasm ticket system has moved to Lighthouse:


Release Notes for 1.2.0:


Downloads from the Yasm website include .tar.gz source (for Unix systems) 
and Win64, Win32, CygWin, and DOS executables in addition to zip files for 
Visual Studio 2010 integration on Win32 and Win64 platforms.


As you can tell from the links above, the official Yasm website is now at 
http://yasm.tortall.net/.  This is graciously hosted by GitHub, who also 
now hosts the official yasm source repository (in git rather than 
subversion), located at https://github.com/yasm/yasm.

Please download, test, and tinker, and most importantly, send comments and
bug reports!  Thanks to everyone who reported bugs and contributed to this 

Peter Johnson and the other Yasm developers
<peter at tortall.net>

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