[yasm-announce] ANNC: Yasm 0.7.2

Peter Johnson peter at tortall.net
Thu Oct 9 00:01:25 PDT 2008

I'm pleased to announce the availability of Yasm 0.7.2.  This is primarily 
a bugfix release.

Note: The recently committed TASM basic syntax support and frontend 
contributed by Samuel Thibault is not in this release; it will be in the 
0.8.0 feature release.  Please download a recent snapshot if you want to 
try it out (bug reports welcome!).

Changes from 0.7.1 to 0.7.2 include:
     - Add PIC support to 64-bit Mach-O (#141).
     - Add --prefix and --suffix options for naming globals (#132).
     - Make "rel foo wrt ..gotpc" generate GOTPCREL in elf64 (alias for
       "rel foo wrt ..gotpcrel").
     - Add support for newly specified AVX/AES instructions not in original
       spec (VAES* and 256-bit VMOVNT{PS,PD,DQ}).
     - Remove invalid 256-bit form of VPBLENDVB.
     - Optimize non-strict push with 66h override to byte size if possible.
     - Fix address printing in bin map file.
     - Fix GAS syntax handling of no section flags (#148).
     - Name the absolute symbol in coff/win32/win64 output (#153).
     - Miscellaneous other fixes.

Changes from 0.7.0 to 0.7.1 included:
     - AVX instruction bugfixes (0.7.0 errata)
     - Build fixes (crashes on some machines)
     - Minor CPU flags fixes

Changes from 0.6.2 to 0.7.0 included:
     - Intel Advanced Vector Extensions (AVX) instruction support.
     - Multi-section binary support in the NASM style (see #71, #99,
     - Add support for ELF32 and ELF64 TLS (thread local storage)
     - Allow use of 0X in addition to 0x to prefix hex constants (#127).
     - Allow underscores in hex, binary, and octal constants (e.g.
     - Fix memory sizes on SSE/SSE2 instructions (#119).
     - Allow standalone prefixes (#122).
     - Simplify new varieties of sym-sym values (#124).
     - Support SAFESEH directive for win32 SEH handlers (#130).
     - Enable sym at FOO constructs in GAS parser.
     - SSE5 condition code support.
     - Other bugfixes.

Known issues with this release can be found in the Yasm Trac ticket 

Release Notes for 0.7.2:


Downloads from the Yasm website include .tar.gz source (for Unix systems)
and Win64, Win32, CygWin, and DOS executables:


Please download, test, and tinker, and most importantly, send comments and 
bug reports!  Thanks to all those who submitted bug reports and 
contributed code for this release.  Special thanks go to Mark Charney of 
Intel for AVX review.  More developers are always welcome to join us.

Peter Johnson and the other Yasm developers
<peter at tortall.net>

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