[yasm-announce] ANNC: Yasm 0.6.0

Peter Johnson peter at tortall.net
Sat Feb 24 17:27:05 PST 2007

I'm pleased to announce the availability of Yasm 0.6.0, the sixth
milestone release of the Yasm Modular Assembler.

New features in this release (compared to 0.5.0) include:

    - Brand-new "virtual" multi-pass optimizer that automatically
      generates much smaller code for jumps and immediates.
    - Support for Mach-O object format used in MacOS X; both 32-bit (x86)
      and 64-bit (AMD64) objects are supported.
    - Support for structured exception handling on Win64.
    - Support for RDOFF2 (.rdf) object format.
    - Support for STRICT keyword in NASM syntax.
    - Rewritten NASM and GAS parsers (now recursive descent rather than
    - Absolute / FAR location bugfixes.
    - Yasm no longer defaults to reading from standard input if no files
      are specified; standard input can be specified with "-".
    - Many other bugfixes.

Known issues with this release include:

    - The binary object format does not yet support sections other than
      .text, .bss, and .data, unlike newer versions of NASM (see Trac bug

Release Notes for 0.6.0:


Downloads from the Yasm website include .tar.gz source (for Unix systems) 
and Win64, Win32, CygWin, and DOS executables:


Please download, test, and tinker, and most importantly, send comments and 
bug reports!  Thanks to all those who submitted bug reports and 
contributed code for this release.  Special thanks go to Henryk Richter 
for the Mach-O object format support and Brian Gladman for the Win64 
structured exception handling documentation.  More developers are welcome 
to join us as well.

Peter Johnson and the other Yasm developers
<peter at tortall.net>

Yasm development discussion is at <yasm-devel at tortall.net>.

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