No DLL exports in YASM?

Peter Johnson peter at
Mon Jan 24 22:43:17 PST 2005

On Mon, 24 Jan 2005, Brian Gladman wrote:
> Peter Johnson wrote:
>> The command-line portions are fixed in r1197.  I'll start looking at 
>> implementing the export directive.
> Just to let you know that I have checked out these changes and they make a 
> big difference for me - thanks for reacting so quickly - except for the 
> 'export' issue all I need now is a one character change on my command lines 
> 'nasm' to 'yasm'!
> A couple of minor issues if I may, just to check.  The VC++ build files 
> contain a dead project 'genmodule' - I take it this really is dead?  And the 
> module project contains a pre-build rule "cmd <build.bat" but no build.bat 
> file. Is this also a hangover from the past?

The VC++ build files are not kept very up-to-date.  I need to fix the 
nightly build so .exe's are built again (I broke them with a recent 

The project genmodule should exist, as should build.bat.  I'll look into 
it later; for now look for a nightly exe to be available this evening.


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