No DLL exports in YASM?

Brian Gladman brg at
Sun Jan 23 05:29:00 PST 2005

I had thought that YASM now does pretty well all that NASM does on WIn32 
but I have found that YASM does not cope with the 'export' keyword for 
DLL exports. Here is a fragement of a file:

	section .text
	global	___gmpn_divexact_1
%ifdef	DLL
	export	___gmpn_divexact_1
	align	16
     mov     edx,[12+esp]

which fails on YASM when DLL is defined - but NASM is ok.

Minor nuisances that prevent identical command lines with YASM and NASM are:

1) NASM takes both -I and -i on the command line for include files
2) YASM stops on seeing the -On NASM directive for optimisation passes

On the latter it would help if YASM either silently ignored this or 
issued a warning and continued. Otherwise I and others will have to 
change project build command lines when switching from NASM to YASM. In 
my case I have hundreds of these!

   best regards,

     Brian Gladman

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